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Psychological Profile of Suicide Survivors: Retrospection on Decisions of Suicide

Susan Samuel , Sabina (2014) Psychological Profile of Suicide Survivors: Retrospection on Decisions of Suicide. Other thesis, Christ University.

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The event of Suicide is one that has been studied and documented in several studies abroad and in India. But, to approach the event of Suicide from the perspective of the ‘attempted’ or ‘survivor’ is rare. The purpose of this research is to understand the meaning the act of suicide holds, emotions and thoughts, of the attempter, leading up to the suicidal decision and to trail them till the decision manifests into action. It would provide an in depth perspective of the experience of this event. The research attempts to find not only the meaning behind these events but to also put together a psychological profile by observing the common thoughts, emotions and meaning attributed to the attempt. The research will make use of the method of narratives, over a period of sessions, which would provide the life stories of the individual, as well as the event, in itself. The research is conducted on ten women participants in age range of 18 – 35 years. The participants are selected based on the criteria, specified. The research is qualitative in nature. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) will be used to analyze and interpret the data collected. Data analysis shows that the psychological profile, of a suicide survivor consists of cognitions that are predominantly, restrictive and negative in nature, experience of negative emotions especially that are related to the traumatic event and suicide as a meaning fulfilling action. The research would attempt to provide a profile which would not only help in understanding the meaning and life events of such an individual but would also help in training of mental health professionals. Keywords: Suicide, psychological profile, meaning of suicide, suicide decision, cognitions and suicide, emotions and suicide, understanding suicide, causative factors of suicide.

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