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The Living Conditions of Zeliangrong Tribe Residing in Tamenglong District

Gangmei , Dalsie (2014) The Living Conditions of Zeliangrong Tribe Residing in Tamenglong District. Other thesis, Christ University.

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Having awareness and knowledge on the basis of population is imperative and a crucial step in effective planning programme, implementing and delivering services for all areas. The attempt with this research is to shed more light on the conditions that these ethnic groups live in. Negligence and backwardness of the study population are stretched to the extent that even literatures are scarce. The aim of the present study is describe the living conditions of Zeme, Liangmai, and Rongmei of Zeliangrong tribe residing in Tamenglong District in relation to socio economic dimension with an objective to document the demography, objective and subjective living conditions to find association with the living condition in relation to Sub-Tribes. A total of 132 sample households were participated. Descriptive research design is adopted and purposive sampling was selected. Results confirmed that Road and transportation, Health care and Sanitation facilities, Quality education, Supply of electricity and water, Income and Recreation facilities are found to be an utmost necessary intervention among this community. Even a simple analysis of the tribal people and the district clearly shows that they are in great need of attention. It is found that even within same ethnic community, there is a variance in the needs of the people which is reflected in the living condition. Geographical location itself offered a major contributor variable to accessibility. It depicted the lopsided paradigm of development. In a nation which is built on the ideals of the democracy, leaving behind any tribe or community or people is unacceptable in more ways than one. It is only logical to suggest that who brings development should also make development accessible to the people the development is intended for. Accessibility is not a magic wand that could instantly make the problems disappear into thin air. Accessibility to quality services could only make development meaning and would serve its purpose. A decent standard of living adequate nutrition, healthcare, quality education, work and protection are not just developmental goals, they are also human rights. Human rights are essential for full human development (UNDP, Human Development Report, 2000). The present study is an appeal for an action on behalf of this community who has contributed in small or big way for the development of our country to obtain their rightful share of human rights. Key Words: Living Conditions, Tribal, Zeliangrong Tribe

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