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An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis

V , Smitha (2010) An Expert System for Diabetes Diagnosis. Other thesis, Christ University.

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Expert system is a computer system that emulates the decision making ability of a human expert. That is it acts in all respects like a human expert. It uses human knowledge to solve problems that would require human intelligence. The expert system represents expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer. These rules and data can be called upon when needed to solve problems. Diabetes is a knotty disease and very common in the modern world. Diabetes is a serious disease that affects almost every organ in the body like heart, eyes, kidney, skin, nerves, blood vassals, foot etc. If left the disease unchecked it will make serious complications including death. Though the disease can not possible to cure completely, it can be well managed or control and can lead a very healthy life. Early diabetes diagnosis plays a crucial role in diabetic control, and can prevent further medical complications. This paper presents the design and development of medical expert system for Diabetes disease and it support diagnosis, give information about complications and act as diabetes trainer. It used rule based approach to collect data and forward chaining inference technique. This system provides a user interactive, menu driven environment. Symptoms and risk factors associated with diabetes are taken as the basis of this study. In case of diagnosis the system will ask a bunch of questions about the symptoms and risk factors to the expert system user and user should give yes or no answer. According to the answer the system will make judgment about the possibility of illness, how much severe it is like slight chance, moderate chance, high chance, very high chance, diabetic or not. If the user wants to know the details of diabetes complications he can select the complication option from the menu. It can also used in teaching practice. The system is drawn up with CLIPS expert system building tool version 6.3 and in Windows/Dos environment.

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