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Kumar, Sunita (2012) CHILDREN INFLUENCE ON FAMILY PURCHASE DECISION. Other thesis, Christ University.

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There are various aspects of the children influence on family purchase decision and it depends on a lot of parameters and situations. The children exercise various methods to influence parent?s decision. The children influence varies from products to products. It also depends on parent?s education, profession, income, single parent working or both parent working, number of working hours per week and type of family. The pocket money also contributes in the children?s influence. This research considers the children in the age group of 8-12. The Descriptive statistics is used to summarize variables in terms of central tendency and measure of dispersion. The Reliability test has been done using Cronbach?s alpha. Pearson?s Product correlation, one way ANOVA, Two-way ANOVA has been done using SPSS for Windows (version 18.0). The Linear regression is used to prove the causality between Independent variables on Dependent variable. The strategy adopted by children is mostly persuasive. The children?s influence is maximum for products bicycle, Ice Creams/chocolates/Juice and CDs/DVDs. There are few products like CDs/DVDs, video games and hobby activities which are used by the whole family and still children influence is higher than their parents on family purchase decision. It is the unanimous opinion from both parents and children that the children influence depend on profession as well as on the products. The ANOVA analysis on parent?s perception on children influence indicates that parent?s income impacts the children?s influence. The ANOVA analysis on parent?s perception on children influence indicates that parent?s working hour impacts the children?s influence. The relation between children influence and How many hours a week do you work average, Total Family Income and Amount you get from your parent on spending is linear. The pocket money, children get, is having highest impact on children influence. The second most influential parameter is the number of hours the parents work per week.

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