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A Study on Organizational Performance related to Employee Attitude and Behavior in the Information Technology Industry, in Bangalore City

Bireswari R. , Vimala (2012) A Study on Organizational Performance related to Employee Attitude and Behavior in the Information Technology Industry, in Bangalore City. Other thesis, Christ University.

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The integral part of any management process is to manage the people at work. A well managed organization sees worker as the root cause of quality and productivity. Attitude is a mental position consisting of a feeling, emotion, or opinion evolved in response to an external situation. It can be momentary or can develop into a habitual position that has a long- term influence on an individual's behavior. Employee attitude is the behavior pattern, manners, body language of an employee towards his/her co-workers, colleagues, sub-ordinates, boss etc. It is very much important to keep a good relation between an employee and his/her boss as well as his/her sub-ordinates and co-workers. A good relationship enables an employee to succeed in his/her work field and helps the company to reach up to its goals and maximizes its benefit. In order to be an ideal employee, he/she should be attentive to his/her work. The nature of IT employees job is very time bound, client oriented and technology intensive. The studies have revealed that poor employee attitude and behavior results in poor organizational performance and low outcome also. The study explores the meaning and relationship between employee attitude & behavior and organizational performance of IT employees. The study was carried out with survey instrument, consists of 27 items and completed by 310 employees in the IT industry. The data was gathered and analyzed using Descriptive, Karl Pearsons correlation and ANOVA which revealed interesting factors with organizational performance related to employee attitude and behavior of IT employees across the variables. The review on the related literature in the area of organizational performance and employee attitude and behavior of IT employees studied has provided many insights for the study. It also provided direction in designing the present study. A number of researchers have established the relationship between organizational performance and employee attitude and behavior across various professions mainly in developed countries. Since Bangalore is known as Silicon Valley of India, the attitude and behavior was a major concern among IT employees. Though there were various studies undertaken in the field of employee attitude and behavior, very few researchers have attempted to focus in detail the variables such as job satisfaction, HRM policies, organizational change, and organizational commitment and also with productivity, well being, and absenteeism etc., Having reviewed several studies and having identified the gap, the investigator felt an imperative need to undertake the present investigation. The sample consisted of 310 IT employees from various IT companies in Bangalore respectively. The sample was given representation to both male and female IT employees. Judgment Sampling has been adopted in this study. The purpose of choosing judgment sampling is to exercise judgment or expertise, in choosing the elements to be included in sample because researchers believed that they are representative of the population of interest. Two standard tools were used to measure the variables of the study. The survey questions were drawn from employee attitude and behavior, including Gallie, D, White, M, Cheng, Y and Tomlinson, M (1998); Appelbaum, E., Bailey T., Berg P., and Kalleberg A. 2000 and Wright P.M., and Gardner, T. (2003).and suganya sengupta and her colleagues, 2006. The overall reliability of employee attitude survey was satisfactory. These results suggested that the employee attitude survey is a handy tool for the goal the organization wants to use it for its performance. The major findings of the study were: 1. There is a significant relationship between employee attitude and behavior and organizational performance of IT industry. 2. The employee attitudes are positively related with discretion effort and loyalty negatively related with intention to quit job and job stress. 3. There is a significant difference between gender and the employee attitudes and behavior. The implications of the study will help the organizations to understand the impact of organizational performance related to employee attitude and behavior and its outcome. A famous statement is that a happy worker is a productive worker. This assumes a relation between employees attitude & behavior and organizational performance.

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