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Evaluation and Analysis of Quality in E commerce (B2C Website)

Gupta, Rashmi (2010) Evaluation and Analysis of Quality in E commerce (B2C Website). Masters thesis, Christ Universtiy.

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There has been a phenomenal growth in Ecommerce in the last few years and it is still growing. As the market is expanding, more and more organizations want to have web presence. Due to sudden and rapid demand in Ecommerce website, website development companies are ignoring or skipping the quality factor. Apart from this, due to popularity of Internet, more and more consumers are buying products and services through ecommerce websites. The software development companies want to delivery the products quickly, to make fast money. To meet the deadlines, usually the quality of the product is not taken as a priority, resulting in a product full of bugs, being shipped to the customers. Once the software becomes live, more and more bugs keep coming resulting in loss of business and credibility of the organization is affected. Lack of quality Ecommerce websites result in consumers moving back to the alternate methods of shopping or switching to another website. With the increase in the competition, companies have started studying the consumer behavior and determining the factors that affect the quality of Ecommerce websites form the consumer’s perspective. During these years, several lessons have been learned about the technology, business and economy of Ecommerce. A successful business endeavor in cyberspace usually requires a good business idea, some kind of infrastructure and a flexible business model. Success or failure depends on the combination of many factors; it always however, includes end-user acceptance of the software system that supports this endeavor [5]. Determination of these factors will help to analyze the quality of the Ecommerce website from the customer’s perspective. The developers of the Ecommerce website can keep these quality factors under consideration in the requirements analysis and design phase to deliver a product which is acceptable to the user. Quality product results in user satisfaction which results in consumer loyalty and long term relationship. A lot of research papers, business article and white papers have been published and many models have been proposed. Critical factors like trust, usability, and accessibility have been determined as critical factors. But till date no model has been accepted as the standard model due to various reasons. Firstly, the definition of the factors, differ from person to person. Secondly, model has limitations like demographic, one type of website or scope of model. Thirdly, due to the diversity of the consumers, it is not possible to have common perspective of quality. Fourthly, due to the dynamic nature of the Ecommerce, the technology changes fast, which is why, the traditional life cycle of software development is not suitable for Ecommerce website development. In our study we identify the quality factors that affect the B2C websites from the users’ perspective. We have proposed a theoretical model with 8 categories and sub categories and the factors that affect the quality. The goal of the study is to 1) analyze what is meant by quality 2) what is meant by quality in Ecommerce, 3) study the existing model to analyze the quality factors 4) suggest cost effective methods to reduce the errors by detecting the errors in the early stages of development. A survey was conducted to determine the critical factors from these identified factors. We propose some measure based on these quality factors to be considered by the developers in the early stages of development for the success of a B2C website. Key words: Quality, E commerce, Quality in E commerce, Quality model. B2C, website

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